Sound Design




Client - Geek Beach
Year - 2014

Sand Lords is a strategic tower defense and resource management style game, currently available for Android and iOS, and is developed by Geek Beach Studios. Gameplay takes place in a post-apocalyptic frontier world. To help create an immersive experience, the instrumentation of Sand Lords is a hybrid of traditional instruments associated with frontier music (the Dobro for example) in conjunction with synthetic sound design and atmospheric elements. The sound effects for the games vehicles and weapons was designed to mirror the game's grungey art direction.

The core of the gameplay takes place in an overworld. The music is interactive, implemented triggering loops and melodic phrases over an ambient bed. In this way the sound can be coloured and mirror the actions and decisions of the player.

As a project, Sand Lords was a lot of fun to work on, especially in creating the illusion of non-looping, non-repetitous music, which a lot of mobile games seem to suffer from. I feel that both the music and sound design help support the game's world building without being too invasive.

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