Sound Design




Client - Scindo Media
Year - 2013

Past Away is an interactive, narrative driven game developed by Scindo Media, in the style of a classic choose your own story. The game has a largely retro-futuristic aesthetic, similar to science fiction works such as Blade Runner, and incorporates elements from the horror genre.

The instrumentation is largely divided into two distinct musical groups. To reflect the industrial environment, I chose to select a hybrid electro-orchestral approach, and subverted the normative methodology associated with electro-orchestral scores by running both synths and orchestral elements through a variety of effects. Conversely, acoustic instruments are used to place emphasis on the human moments of the game.

The score of Past Away is entirely interactive, and adapts to the choices and scenarios presented to the player. I sought to blend sound design, traditional scoring techniques and diegesis to help in creating an immersive audio experience, and support the game's narrative devices.

I sought to establish clear sonic signifiers for various characters and environments throughout Past Away, which aid in thematic development, both in musical and narrative terms, and contribute to the world building. One of the most enjoyable parts of the project was to design sounds that reflect the wonderful and inspiring artwork created by artist Christopher Middleton.

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