Sound Design




Client - Super Pixel Brothers
Year - 2013

The Hit Squad is an animated feature length independent film directed by Chris Blundell and produced by Super Pixel Brothers, starring the vocal talents of Robert Llewellyn and Robert Popper. I was brought on board in a supervisory musical capacity, providing mixing, mastering and additional production to the film's score.

The Hit Squad centres around a waning synthpop group, and the production needed to reflect retro recording techniques from the 1980s whilst retaining a modern fidelity associated with contemporary cinema.

The mixing and additional music production was completed by adopting a hybrid approach, a blend of both old school production techniques, including judicious use of an SSL Vocal Mic Compressor, and modern, 'in the box', pristine digital mixing. I also replaced sampled instruments by performing, engineering and recording live takes.

By working closely with the director, I feel I have helped steer the score just shy of parody and pastiche, and contributed to creating a polished finished product. The Hit Squad is set to be released in late 2013.

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