Sound Design




Client - Goon Studios
Year - 2014

Boogey Boy is an infinite runner platform game devloped by Goon Studios for Android and iOS. You guide a young boy through five unique dream levels, trying your hardest to evade and outrun the Boogeyman. Working closely with the studio, I created interactive music for the game, whereby the music changes completely depending upon the player's in game actions.

We agreed the instrumentation should be energetic and fun, and as such the score and sound design both take an 8bit hybrid approach, mixing the sounds of classic consoles with traditional instruments.

To mimic the art direction, the music and sound effects are interlinked, using a similar method of sound design, calling on SID chips and live foley recording. Each track was written with interactivity and stems in mind. The games levels are procedurally generated, and thus no two play throughs will be the same. The music functions similarly, meaning that each playthrough's soundtrack will vary according to the player. The project was amazing fun to work on, and is out now for iOS and Android devices!

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