Sound Design




Client - Will O'Neill
Year - 2013

Actual Sunlight is an interactive game that engages with themes of depression and suicide, living in a corporate driven world, and coping, or not, with the effects of latent capitalism. The game is set in Toronto, and creator Will O'Neill was keen to capture a Torontonian hip hop vibe, in the style of Drake's producers.

The music produced is built around the Roland 808 drum machine, providing distinctive percussive hits and substantial sub bass weight to the tracks. This was complemented by the classic Yamaha TX81Z's FM synthesis to produce a variety of electric piano and organ tones. Furthermore the music composed had to be cohesive with the existing music Will had created for the game, in terms of feel and tone.

I wanted the music of Actual Sunlight to mirror both the protagonist and player's own journey as the game progresses, and achieved this by some subtle thematic development. This is quite literally subverted at the game's key narrative focal point, to give greater gravitas to the pivotal plot moment.

Actual Sunlight is now available on Steam, building on a score of extremely positive reviews and acclaim. The demo is currently freely downloadable, and the game was released in 2013.

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